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Fire Ant Control has become increasingly important as fire ants continue to spread throughout the country. Fire ant elimination methods for killing fire ants are relatively simple to undertake. Below we will outine the simple steps and materials that will allow you to bring your fire ant problem under control.

Know your foe - Fire Ants are aggressive

Fire ants are expanding rapidly across the US. It's no wonder, because red imported fire ant queens can produce 200 eggs per hour - more than three Million in their lifetime. Average sized fire ant hills contain as many as 500,000 worker ants. Fire ant bites (fire ant stings) are extremely painful and a potential health hazard. When following fire ant control procedures, please take care in avoiding fire ant bites.

Killing Fire Ants - Two steps to success

The two-step process for fire ant elimination is advocated by Texas A&M University as the best method of killing fire ants and maintaining fire ant control over the long term. The method includes two steps: wide area fire ant bait broadcasting plus individual fire ant hill treatment. This method can include organic and non-organic pesticides as desired.

Step one - Fire Ant Bait

Fire ant bait broadcasting is best done in the spring and again in the fall. Bait broadcasting involves the use of a spreader and your choice of fire ant bait. Worker ants will pick up the bait and take it back to the colony, where it will be eaten by the fire ant queen. When the queen dies the colony dies. Fire ant baits can be purchased in the Fire Ant Store or by simply clicking on the product images to the right. We recommend the organic bait from Green Light called Fire Ant Control.

For best results, watch the video to your right - "Fire Ant Control - Two steps" and please follow the directions on the packaging for specific instructions:

  • Use fresh bait from an unopened container.
  • Rain will wash the bait away. Make sure to check the forecast and spread the bait when it will be sure to have a few days exposure.
  • Fire ants generally look for food in the late afternoon or evening. Spread the bait then to assure the most effective distribution amongst the colony.
  • Use a fire ant bait spreader.
  • Apply baits twice a year, in early summer and early fall.

Step two - Fire ant hill treatments

Non-organic treatment - There are a number of highly effective products like the Over n' Out Fire Ant Killer Granules that will do the job nicely.

Organic treatment - Some people advocate pouring boiling water on fire ant hills as an effective method of fire ant control. While this may seem like a good way of killing fire ants, it will usually only partially affect them. They will quickly find a new home in a separate part of the yard. Perhaps, this time, closer to the house.

We advocate quality organic mound drenching products like Medina Orange Oil Concentrate, or Orange Guard


Fire Ant Control - two steps


Know Your Foe - Fire ants up close


Fire Ants go sailing